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Tarot Readings                  

Tarot is a tool for self-transformation, reflection and empowerment that utilizes the power of symbol, story, archetypes, numerology and astrology. 


Readings are 1 hour long and begin with a short grounding exercise followed by you declaring your intention and focus for the reading. We then explore your intention through various tarot spreads and utilize clarifying cards as needed.

Tarot Reading

Dreamwork is an accessible way to explore altered states, the subconscious and to engage with our innate healer. 

It can be empowering to integrate nightmares, recurring dreams and dreams with strong emotional influences. Dream consultation provides a safe container for you to explore the messages contained in your dreams. 

Consults are 45 minutes and begin with a short grounding exercise followed by exploring a dream of your choice.



Available for private and corporate events, private classes and workshops 


Please contact for rates

& availability                

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