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a mystic at the Temple of Apollo in Delphi Greece

irid incantations is a digital temple for sacred reverence through the honouring of symbol, tarot, dreams, creativity, altered states, ancestral wisdom, plants, mysticism & esoteric knowledge. 

Vickie has been reading Tarot for over 18 years and has experienced degrees of clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing) since she was a child. As a self-taught tarot reader she continues to evolve her relationship to the archetypes and symbolism of tarot and loves to share this introspective tool with others.


Throughout her entire life she has had a deep relationship to the Dreamworld and utilizes this connection as a means of communication with self and beyond. She works with her dreams through personal dream recall, dream sharing with others, using dream herbs to enhance lucidity and sharing profound dream messages to anyone who will listen. Vickie has been transformed by the messages sent in her dreams and is in continual awe of how the dreamworld builds and reflects the world of waking.


Vickie is also a registered nurse and folk herbalist deeply passionate about accessing innate healing and remembering connection to ancestral ways. As a nurse she has worked in surgery, ICU, mental health/substance use and most recently has trained with Therapsil to work in psychedelic assisted therapy as a Co-sitter. She walks with her European and Metis ancestors through waking and dreaming. ♥ 

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